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Canada’s Luckiest Student 3 has officially launched. Since it’s the third time around, we’re starting with three awesome prizes that will have one Canadian student thanking their lucky stars. Check them out: http://canadasluckieststudent.com .Prizes are coming fast and furious, so keep an eye on your inbox. As always, it’s the prize that just keeps getting better.


  ) Little Pink Kitten’s Giveaway () .o   o.

A cute giveaway from my shop littlepinkkitten and blog littlepinkkittenshop.


♡ One pair of matching garters OR two separate single garters

♡ One lingerie belt OR pair of ankle cuffs

♡ One harness OR collar

♡ The winner can choose the items from my store or request a custom design

♡ The prize has a value of approx. $80


♡ Must be 18+ years or have parental/carer permission

♡ Please follow littlepinkkittenshop

♡ This giveaway is not associated with tumblr

♡ Only reblogs are counted

♡ Everywhere is included

♡ Winner will be chosen by a random number generator

♡ Giveaway ends on July 15th 2014

♡ If you have questions check my F.A.Q page first

Please also have a look at my shop on storenvy and etsy!

☆彡 ☆ミ Thankyou and have fun (=^・^=)

(via littlepinkkittenlingerie)